Director-general’s Message


The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) was founded in 1968. After half a century of transformation and growth, INER has been not only the unique professional R&D institution in Taiwan that combines nuclear safety/nuclear back-end technologies, civil application of radiation, and green energy technology, but also continued to innovate, conduct R&D, and promote the industrial applications of these core technologies with fruitful results in the process.

As the director of INER, I have been committing to create a new organizational culture. I have actively introduced the successful business management method-Objectives and Key Results (OKR), well executed by first-tier enterprises, devoting more attention to priority tasks in order to meet our vision and mission, close-loop tracking the progress to achieve breakthroughs with limited resources.

In conjunction with the Executive Yuan reorganization, INER will transform into an administrative corporation known as the “National Longtan Institute of Atomic Energy Technology” in the near future. We are looking forward the reorganizational effectiveness will be exerted through easing regulations. INER will continue to fulfill our mission as a national laboratory and focus on the development of various fields, including decommissioning of nuclear power plants, nuclear waste treatment and disposal, nuclear medicine and civil application of radiation, new energy, and cross-domain system integration, with a view to realizing a low-carbon society and enhancing people’s livelihood and well-being. In addition, INER remains the most reliable nuclear energy R&D institution in Taiwan in accordance with national policies and focus on science, technology, and industrial development.

Atomic energy technology research covers a wide range of fields, but science and technology are inseparable from human nature. Everyone at INER will continue dedicating to enhance both value and quality of life and sustainable ecological development, while benefiting people and the planet.