The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) located in Longtan District, Taoyuan City was established in 1968 and is a subordinate to the Atomic Energy Council of the Executive Yuan. As a national research and development laboratory, we are specialized in nuclear energy and radiation applications. The first priority of our tasks is the research and development of nuclear energy safety, radiation protection, emergency response, and nuclear back-end related technology. We also handle and manage the storage of low-level radioactive waste generated by medical, agricultural, engineering, and research institutes to assist their research and development tasks.

Along with the change of time and national policies, the institute performs work on the fields of radiopharmaceuticals, medical materials, and green energy applications. The main research and development areas include: (1) nuclear safety and nuclear back-end, (2) radiation applications for people’s livelihood, (3) green energy and system integration. In addition, the institute also focuses on the technology of nuclear power plants decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal. We have accumulated a lot of tradable technologies and patents and offered technology transfer, technical service, and cooperative development to assist domestic enterprises in product development, innovation process, and system improvement with high performance.

Aligning our strategic plan with the priority set by the Atomic Energy Council, INER will devote ourselves to innovative research and provide solutions for low-carbon society, environmental protection, and national health. In addition, with the cooperation with the related agencies, institutes and universities worldwide, INER will be an applied research and development institution to deliver contributions for the nation and the world.